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Trade Product Positioning

Crown Trade PX3 & PX4

The Challenge.

With over 200 years of expert knowledge and passion in every tin, Crown’s professional finishes have been widely used by contractors, decorators and specifiers, becoming the destination brand for solving professional decorating challenges.

Crown had a trio of dedicated primer products that had been fulfilling specific roles for the decorating community. They spotted the opportunity to combine this functionality into one high performance, all purpose ‘super’ primer, designed to give professional decorators a single go-to product with all the stain blocking, alkaline resisting, hard-wearing properties you’d expect in primer formulations. Crown also gave their customers an additional water based option, with quick drying and low odour properties.

We had our products. We now needed an identity and campaign to introduce them to trade professionals.

We’d worked with Crown for long enough to know the trade professionals were a no-nonsense bunch and had a preference for clear and simple communications. The product needed a name that would sum up the new combined proposition in a memorable, direct way without undermining the product’s highly technical ability. This powerful combination of properties from the original 3 products formed the basis of the new name. Primers X 3. ‘PX3’, with the water-based option naturally inheriting ‘PX4’.

The packaging designs quickly followed with a brief for communicating clear propositions with impact and simplicity. Creative, colours, fonts, positioning and weighting were all chosen for maximum visibility, clarity and shelf presence, and ultimately designed to stand out to the critical eye of a busy tradesperson.

The Results.

Our no-nonsense approach provided some no-nonsense results. Since the repositioning, sales of PX3 have shown a healthy hike of 164% (YOY) for the 5L sku and 253% for the 1L, when compared to the combined sales of its predecessors. Still in its infancy, ‘PX4’ is now also showing consistent and healthy growth.

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