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An Integrated Approach to Store Rollouts

Crown Decorating Centres

The Challenge.

With an ever growing network of over 140 Crown Decorating Centres (CDCs) located throughout the UK and Ireland, Crown’s bricks and mortar network offered specialist products, knowledge and expertise to a loyal base of painting and decorating Trade Professionals. 

Crown now had an ambition to gain national coverage, opening up to 10 per year but needed a seamless and efficient programme of activity to ensure a smooth, consistent launch across every new branch. Additionally, a plan of action to not only drive initial footfall but to engage and retain loyalty from both the Trade and general public on an ongoing basis.

The Approach.

Supporting the Crown team with a creative package that would ensure a consistent experience across each new branch was our core focus and we’d learnt enough over years of opening branches to know where the pain points were and where the brand experience had potential to drift. We locked this down into the ‘Store Basics Guide’ which provided the store management team all the assets and information they needed to create maximum visual impact efficiently and on brand. Crown had already developed guidance on everything from counter graphics to uniforms, stock room layouts to van livery, but we helped bring it to life in a simple, engaging yet visual way for a smooth roll-out. And whilst preparations were being made in-store, we made sure the shop front worked just as hard with impactful graphics


Once the brand assets were in place, our focus shifted to ensure the store launched with a bang. We developed a full suite of collateral ready for Crown’s targeted door drops and trade DM pieces were distributed prior to launch to include product highlights, opening offers and discount vouchers.

Stores also undertook ‘Trade Week’ activity, where suppliers and partners together with the store management team ran live demonstrations and competitions for the local trade and public.

Branded ad-vans toured the vicinity and targeted captive audiences on trade parks with ‘Open Now’ messaging. Additional retail-focused communications were distributed to the general public for those looking for specialist support on DIY projects.

Following a successful opening week, the next phase was to keep the audience engaged and loyal. We worked with the Crown team to develop two regular bi-monthly comms ‘events’ that would be supported with both impactful in-store promotions and informative outreach communications.

Additionally we support the CDC Managers with national product launches, both in-store and across various media channels, and seasonal campaigns and events such as Demo Days, Trade Events or ad hoc Seasonal Spotlights.

The Results.

Crown were now in a position to roll new stores out efficiently and consistently to a good level of anticipation from both the local trade community and general DIY enthusiasts. Regular and consistent activation campaigns continue to cement CDC’s position as the professional’s destination for decorating supplies and expert trade support.

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