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Multi-Channel Approach to Trade Marketing

Stax Trade Centres

Offering wholesale support for Independent Retailers and Trade Professionals, the Stax Trade Centres proposition was a broad and diverse product range across a number of wholesale depots and cash & carry warehouses in the UK. The massive range includes tens of thousands of products from DIY, Gardens, Hardware, Tools, Workwear, Electricals, Plumbing, Kitchens, Bathrooms & Housewares.

The Challenge.

Take a long standing wholesale business dedicated to the trade for over 25 years. Tens of thousands of products across hundreds of categories and suppliers. Broad. Diverse.

Take the building trade. A mature and saturated market. Monopolised by big spending nationals. 

The Challenge? – How do you keep a business relevant for over 25 years in an increasingly cluttered and competitive space? How do you continuously drive acquisition, increase footfall, improve engagement, maximise retention across various customer segments.

The Approach.

Stax had always taken an integrated, multi-channel approach to their marketing but we knew we had more to do to directly connect specific ranges to customer segments.

An audit of the marketing mix identified a clear hole in the acquisition and retention funnel for Tradesman, a key function that could clarify and define what was previously a fragmented and dispersed offer.

We needed an anchor to tailor and focus their product experience. In cooperation with an army of ‘big brand’ suppliers, we got our elbows out by introducing the Stax ‘Trade’ Catalogue. Compact and easy to navigate, it was designed as an ‘on the job’ handy reference tool and was direct mailed to key trade and contractor customers.

As a toe in the water, and conscious of significant competition from trade industry giants, it was Initially presented as a succinct 52 page ‘leaflet’, full of trade essentials and product highlights.

However, due to its continuing popularity it evolved quickly to a 232 page trade product guide launched each year with a fully integrated multichannel marketing plan, including; 

A boosted engagement schedule on social media

Maximised online conversions through to bespoke website banners and landing pages

Promotional posters and shelf POS promoting launch and creating product awareness

In-store Radio promotional messages throughout year and cafeteria tray liners featuring supported products & brands

The Results.

The popularity of the focused catalogue was instantaneous with immediate trade demands for ‘more copies’.

Crucially, as an anchor piece, this allowed us to then target ‘back to catalogue’ communications such as deeper segmented offers, seasonally focused campaigns and category highlights at poignant key points throughout the year, using the various relevant channels. Products featured in the catalogue were now achieving on average 20% better sales performance when compared to products not included, with some reaching 300% uplift. The catalogue has now also brought clarity and focus to Stax’s supplier relationships and cooperative marketing strategy.

In a recent survey,  Stax customers said that 89% use their copy regularly and 87% say the catalogue helps them to pick out products for purchase.



Better sales






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