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Brand Storytelling for Sector Disruption

Tundra Vodka

The Challenge.

We knew when it walked in the door that there was something special about Tundra vodka. Distilled and filtered multiple times to create a purity that exceeds strict Russian standards, known as Alpha grade, Tundra is made using natural spring water that’s conditioned to slightly above 0°.

It’s this fine attention to detail that has seen the distillery placed amongst the top 2 producers of vodka in the Russian Federation for many consecutive years. Distilled on the banks of the Volga River where it passes through the Tatarstan Republic, Tundra Vodka is one of the highest quality vodkas available on today’s market at an impressive 40% ABV. However, vodka from Russia is about as surprising as tea from China. Our Challenge? Disruption.

The Approach.

We had to dig deeper than product features and credentials to capture the hearts of an over-consumed consumer. This brand needed to find its story. As the digging began we soon discovered that there’s a touch of magic on the Volga banks that extends far beyond its exceptional crops. It’s the only place that you might spot one of Russia’s most unexpected locals, the Caspian flamingo. Proud, outgoing and confident, the very embodiment of Tundra itself.

The legend goes that the Caspian flamingo fled from their traditional warmer climes in search of new waters teeming with sustenance, arriving at the Volga against all odds where they settled to call their home. It’s this tenacity and bravery that has to be admired and led to us adopting them as the Tundra mascot. We had our story.


The creative execution of our story had to be unique, sophisticated and distinctive. We carefully hand illustrated our caspian friend, taking care to embody his quirky, unexpected and fearless personality and develop a creative toolkit that would form an engaging and memorable pitch to secure the brand’s initial UK distribution partnerships. Rolled out across supporting POS and launch materials, Tundra was ready for its introduction.

The Results.

The striking creative and compelling story was attracting some serious attention. With initial distribution secured with a significant industry giant, amongst others, the fledgling brand had taken its first brave, bold flight into the UK drinks market.

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