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Delivering a World-Class Digital Showroom Experience

Sanipex Group

The Challenge

Over the past 25 years, luxury international bathroom specialists, Sanipex Group, has crafted an enviable reputation as the premier choice for retail, project and trade products and services among architects, designers, developers, retailers and private clients alike.


With a prestigious project portfolio and global client base in 20 countries across Europe, Asia and Africa, Sanipex had an ambition to take its exemplary showroom experience online with a truly digital showroom that would emulate the high level of service, knowledge, quality and attention to detail that had only ever been delivered in person previously.

The Approach

Emulating the physical showroom experience, particularly inspiring visitors with the same passion shared by speaking to Sanipex Group representatives face-to-face, would be no mean feat.


Our audience research told us that architects and designers thrive on creativity by their very nature, but they are also extremely time poor, so the digital showroom would need to strike the perfect balance of inspiration, resource and functionality to deliver a seamless experience that rivals the physical one.

Our insights into the audience and competitors directly informed the design and build process, enabling us to create a destination for architects and designers that is imbued with inspiration, but at the same time excels in its performance and functionality.


An extensive and sophisticated product inventory, combined with slick site search, conveniently showcases every product Sanipex has access to in one central place, unlike the physical showrooms where products on show are limited by stock levels.

Key to the success of the website is a robust editorial content strategy and an ongoing flow of fresh content to the site, developed by Workhouse in partnership with the Sanipex team.

This content not only aids the technical performance of the site from an SEO perspective, it also acts as a hub of insightful thought pieces, trends and inspiration for architects and designers that can be amplified through other marketing channels and encourages repeat visits.


Stunning product and project photography convey the premium quality Sanipex is known for, as well as providing visual inspiration for architects and designers across a number of target sectors such as residential, commercial, institutional, hospitality and mixed use

Design cues from architecture and interior design magazines give the site an editorial feel, from the way content is laid out through to the effective use of serif type and white space.

The Result

Launching in five countries, the new digital showroom has far exceeded what Sanipex set out to do by not only bringing the showroom experience online its purest form, but also enhancing the experience through inspirational content that positions the brand as the world’s leading authority on luxury bathrooms.


Early results also show an immediate clear improvement in the site’s performance with visitors up 43% on the previous month and 142% on the previous year. Session duration has increased 61% and page views have climbed 263%, validating the site’s depth and content appeal.


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increase in organic rankings positions 1-3



increase in organic rankings all positions



increase in organic traffic since launch

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