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About us

Creative. Ambitious. Multi-Channel. We stop at nothing to create unique brand positions that resonate flawlessly with customers through strategically placed creative campaigns. 


At a time when loyalties are transient, and heads are turned in an instant, the importance of making deep, long-lasting brand connections has never been more critical.

At Workhouse we’re in the business of making those connections. Activating your brand with authentic, purpose-led, emotive connections. Connections made through compelling, engaging stories, delivered to your customers, at the right time, in the right way.

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Born in 1992, Workhouse is built on a sound foundation of insight, creativity and relationships. With a team of over 40 people, we’ve grown from the ground up, navigating through the incredible changes we’ve witnessed in not only our own industry, but business as a whole.

With a delicate balance of both seasoned professionals and vibrant young blood, our team’s strength lies in its diverse disciplines, inherent creativity, holistic approach and constant pursuit of the bigger commercial picture for our clients.


Our culture is our eco-system. It fuels our creativity and passion for new thinking, new ideas, new paths to deliver proven results and smash objectives.

We’re a beautifully eclectic collective. Like-minded in our creativity but individually unique in our specialisms, disciplines and passions. We’re ‘people people’, for whom Workhouse has become a home from home, an extension to our own families and a place to challenge ourselves and each other. We’ve little room for egos and bluster, preferring instead to divert directly to rolling our sleeves up, taking on the challenge and enjoying every minute.


We’re runners, cyclists, climbers, yogis. Technicians, planners, designers, strategists. Introverts, extroverts and all things in between. Our team is everything and we take care to seek, attract and retain creative, passionate, and naturally inquisitive people, people who can always teach us something new.

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